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Northern Light Lodge #40  of Free & Accepted Masons Established 1817
Entertainment Industry Accuff, Roy - Entertainer Armstrong, Louis - Jazz Musician.  Montgomery Lodge No. 18, PHA, New York. Arnold, Eddy - Entertainer Atkins, Chet - Musician, Guitar Autry, Gene - Actor - Western Heritage Museum, Catoosa Lodge No. 185, Catoosa, Oklahoma Bach, Jahann Christian - Composer Bassie, William "Count" - Orchestra leader/composer, Wisdom Lodge No. 102 PHA, Chicago and Shriner, New York. Beethoven, Ludwig Van. - 1770-1827. Composer Berlin, Irving - Composer/Entertainer Borgnine, Ernest - Actor Caine, Michael - Actor Cervi, Gino 1901-1974. - Italian Actor, famous for his roles in films as "Don Camillo" Clark, Roy - Country western singer; Jenks Lodge No. 497, Oklahoma Cohan, George M. - Composer/Broadway star Cole, Nat 'King' - Great ballad singer Costello, Lou - Comedian Crosby, Norm - Entertainer DeMille, Cecil B. - Epic Film Director Eastwold, Scott - Musician, Ellington, Duke - Jazz composer, arranger and stylist Fairbanks, Douglas - Silent film actor Fields, W.C. - Actor Gable, Clark - Actor Gibson, Hoot - Cowboy actor; Truth Lodge No. 628, Los Angeles, CA Gilbert, Sir William S. - Was the librettis for "Pirates of Penzance" Gilbert and Sullivan - Composers and playwrights Godfrey, Arthur - Actor Goethe, Johann Wolfgang 1749-1832. Grock - Swiss Circus Clown Hampton, Lionel - Orchestra Leader/Composer Handel, George Fredrick - Composer Handy, William C. - Composer "Father of the Blues" Hardy, Oliver - Actor - Comedian (Laurrel & Hardy) Hayden, Franz Josef F. 1732-1809 - Composer Hershfield, Harry - Radio entertainer Houdini, Harry - Magician Ives, Burl - Entertainer Jolson, Al - Fame as the first 'talking picture' the Jazz Singer. St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York Keaton, Buster - Movies, Comedian Kern, Jerome - Composer Lincoln, Elmo - First actor to play Tarzan of the Apes (1918) Lizt, Franz. Composer Lloyd, Harold C. - Silent movie comedian Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Meichior, Lauritz Miller, Glenn - Musician, Band Leader Mix, Tom - U.S. Marshal turned actor. Stared in over 400 western films Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Child musical genius - composer O'Connor, Carroll - Actor Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons. Rogers, Roy - American cowboy and screen star, Hollywood Lodge No. 355, California Rogers, Will - Actor; Claremore Lodge No. 53, Oklahoma Sellers, Peter 1925-1980 - Actor, Chelsea Lodge # 3098. Sibelius, Jean 1865-1957 - Composer (Finland) Skelton, Red - Comedian/Entertainer Smith, John Stafford - Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem. Sousa, John Philip - Composer - Led the U.S. Marine Band from 1880 - 1892 Stratton, Charles "Tom Thumb" - Entertainer Thomas, Danny - Actor, Entertainer Thurston, Howard - Last of the great vauderville magicians. Tillis, Mel - Country Singer Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Studio fame Wayne, John - Actor; Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Tucson, AZ Whiteman, Paul - "King of Jazz" Wyler, William - Director of "Ben Hur" Zanuck, Darryl F. - Co-founder of 20th Century Productions in 1933 Ziegfeld, Florenz - His Ziegfeld's Follies began in 1907