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Northern Light Lodge #40  of Free & Accepted Masons Established 1817
Foreign Leaders Abbott, Sir John J.C. - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-92 Allende, Salvador - Former President of Chile, Lodge Progresso No. 4, Valpariso Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal, Former President of Turkey 1923-1938 Barclay, E-J. - President of Liberia in 1930 - 1941. Depute-Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Liberia in 1930 Barrientos, Rene. - 1925-1969. President of Bolivie 1964 Batista, Mariano. 1832-1907. - President of Bolivia in 1892. Benes, Eduard - President of Czechoslovakia 1935-1938. Lodge Ian Amos Komensky No. 1, Prague and Lodge Pravda Vitezi Bennett, Viscount R.B. - Prime Minister of Canada 1930-35 Bertrand, Francisco - 1870-1926 President of Honduras. Bolivar, Simon. 1783-1830 - Hero of the Independence of South American countries from Spain. Bonaparte, Napolean - Military Leader, Emperor of France Bonaparte, Joseph 1768-1844. - King of Naples Borden, Sir Robert L. - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920 Botha, Pik - Former Foreign Minister of South Africa Bowell, Sir Mackenzie - Prime Minister of Canada 1894-96 Brant, Joseph - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807 Churchill, Winston, Sir. 1874-1965. - Former Prime Minister Member of the Studholme Lodge 1591, of London. Diefenbaker, John G. - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63 Doumer, Paul - President of France Doumergue, Gaston - President of France Edward VIII - King of England who abdicated the throne in less than 1 year Edward VII - King of England Frederic II - King of Prussia Frederic VII - King of Denmark. 1806-1863. Garibaldi, Giuseppe. 1807-1882. - Deputy of Rome. George VI - King of England during W.W. II Georges II 1895-1952. - King of Greece Gustave V - King of Sweden 1907 - 1950. Joffre 1852-1931 - Marshall of France. Lafayette, Marquis de - French Supporter of Amerian Freedom Leopold - King of Belgium MacDonald, Sir John A. - Prime Minister of Canada 1867-73 and 1878-91 Mitterand, Alexandre - President of France Tirpitz, Alfred Von 1849-1930 - German Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare